Evidence: A Structured Approach

by David Leonard, Victor Gold, and Gary Williams
published by Aspen Publishers

TBook Coverhe goal of Evidence: A Structured Approach (3d ed. 2012) is to make it easier both to teach and to learn evidence law, while keeping the subject intellectually challenging. The book facilitates teaching because its unique format complements the way most evidence professors already teach. The book facilitates learning because its format encourages preparation by focusing students’ attention on the specific questions to be posed during class. As a result, basic doctrine can be covered quickly and efficiently, leaving more classroom time for analysis. For more information, please see the Prefaces.


Preface to 1st edition

Preface to 2d edition

Preface to 3d edition

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Questions and Materials for Students (updated July, 2012)

Questions and Materials for Professors -- Please note that the password has changed as of July 1, 2012.  If you would like to access the professor page, please contact Victor Gold by email at victor.gold@lls.edu

• Recent Developments in Evidence Law